Contrast Labs Application Security Intelligence Report

BIMONTHLY REPORT | March - April 2020



The Contrast Labs Application Security Intelligence Report for March-April 2020 leverages aggregate data collected from applications in development and production monitored and collected by the Content DevOps-Native AppSec Platform.

Read this report to glean trends and recommendations on vulnerability management and prioritization. Key report highlights include:

  • Command injection attacks increased 13% and expression language injection attacks increased 16% over previous two months
  • Broken access controls and cross-site scripting (XSS) pose the highest risk (download report to learn why)
  • New applications were 3x more likely not to have a serious vulnerability reported than over previous two months

The report contains numerous other data insights such as the top five vulnerabilities based on median data, change in percentages in application attacks, and the top 12 application security watch list.

Contrast Labs Report