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Get to know Ben Goodman: Head of Strategic Alliances, MSSP program mastermind and the guy who will tell you how to properly pronounce Log4j

cs-codepatrol-speaker-lisa-ben-goodman-012723Trigger warning: The proper pronunciation of “Log4j” is a hotly debated issue and one that’s fearlessly tackled in this episode. We didn’t know that until we sat down with Ben Goodman, Contrast Head of Strategic Alliances and Corporate Development, mastermind behind our exciting new MSSP launch, and highly opinionated amateur word pronunciation expert. Ben’s a synergy sizzler: He heads up the alliances/partnership team that’s always listening, learning and brainstorming ways to make our customers and partners flourish.  And hang on, who jumped into the podcast? Why, it’s Rachael Mott, Senior Director, Strategic Technology Alliances, who couldn’t resist the chance to heckle and praise her boss, who sprinkles Ted Lasso-isms upon his team. Tune in: You’re either going to want to do business with these two, hang out and argue mispronunciation with them — or most likely both!

Host: Lisa Vaas, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Contrast Security

Guest Speaker: Ben Goodman, SVP of Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances, Contrast Security



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