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Partners, we’re going to pump you UP!

cs-codepatrol-speaker-lisa-ben-goodman-012723Contrast’s new partner alliance program is going to revolutionize how you scale security solutions. Integration with source code management, DevOps pipelines, API security solutions? Check, check, check — all that and more! The mastermind behind it all is Ben Goodman, Contrast Security SVP of Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances. He dropped in to explain the aim of the new Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program: namely, to tie together the myriad parts of the security ecosystem so all your partners can focus on your business instead of patching things together with duct tape and paperclips.

Host: Lisa Vaas, Senior Content Marketing Manager, Contrast Security

Guest Speaker: Ben Goodman, SVP of Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances, Contrast Security



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