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Mahesh Babu

Mahesh leads the RASP (Contrast Protect) team at Contrast Security. He takes every opportunity to tell everyone how Contrast has fundamentally changed application security for the first time since he started working in security 10+ years ago. Mahesh has seen the industry evolve as a researcher, consultant, and practitioner within a large bank. He began his career as a security researcher at the CERIAS center at Purdue University. He then went on to build and scale large security & privacy programs a Senior Manager & architect for HSBC Information Security & Risk. He also spent time as a consultant at Deloitte and Booz & Company. Mahesh has a BS in Computer Science and MS in Information Security from Purdue University and an MBA from Duke University.

PRESS RELEASE: Contrast Security and PerimeterX to Advance Application Security for Modern Applications

ByMahesh Babu Jul 15, 2019 9:05:40 AM

Combining best in class Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) and Bot Mitigation to prevent exploits across websites and mobile apps

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