PRESS RELEASE: Contrast Security Named Pivotal Cloud-Native Advocacy Partner of the Year

Contrast Security and Pivotal accelerate the application modernization journey by securing cloud-native and legacy applications and transforming how developers approach application security

LOS ALTOS, Calif. – October 7, 2019 Contrast Security, the next generation application security testing and protection platform, today received the 2019 Pivotal Partner Award for Cloud-Native Advocacy Partner of the Year. The Independent Software Vendor Cloud-Native Advocacy Partner of the Year Award recognizes a partner who has been a vocal proponent of cloud-native application patterns and modernization, contributing to Pivotal customer proficiency.

“Our continued partnership with Pivotal has empowered our joint customers to transform the way they build, secure and run software across development, security, and operations,” said Surag Patel, Chief Strategy Officer at Contrast Security. “Contrast Security’s platform has been a natural fit inside Pivotal Platform environments to enable DevSecOps in Cloud-Native development. As modern development teams embrace application security, security teams provide the guard rails to protect the enterprise, and IT operations teams provide oversight with security protections for cloud-native architectures. Contrast Security is focused on building the market-leading application security platform that meets the challenging needs across the enterprise. We are committing additional resources to further our integrations with Pivotal and relationship to build on our common goal of helping enterprises accelerate secure software delivery. We’re honored and excited to be named Pivotal’s Cloud-Native Advocacy Partner of the Year.”

“Cloud-native culture is about enabling developers to innovate. A key advancement in cloud-native culture, is around the DevSecOps mindset,” said James Watters, SVP Product and Strategy at Pivotal. “Application security has been perceived as bottlenecks to innovation. With Contrast Security, application security teams are enabling developers to be self-sufficient when it comes to writing secure and compliant code in any environment. It’s great to see Contrast Security’s continued commitment to securing applications on Pivotal Platform and expand on our ability to provide a secure software supply chain.”

With any company, systems that once were considered state of the art will eventually need to be modernized to match the pace of innovation and change. But modern software also requires a modern security platform that supports both new cloud-native architectures and legacy applications to enable accelerated application modernization

To overcome limitations of legacy approaches to software security, an embedded continuous application security platform is required to match the run-time environment of Pivotal Platform. With Contrast Security’s application security platform, open source library vulnerability detection, proprietary code vulnerabilities, and exploit prevention are now automated through the pipeline enabling scalable DevSecOps. Pivotal Platform along with Contrast Security combines speed and quality with security to modernization efforts in building the next generation of breakthrough technologies.

“Our DevSecOps journey has been supported by the ease of deployment and low friction integration of Contrast Assess on the Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) platform,” said Trent Speckhart, Product Manager of Application Security at Discover Financial Services. “The Contrast Security integration in the marketplace promotes our built-in security approach by making modern security tooling a foundational item in the existing developer workflow.”

By leveraging the integrations launched between Contrast Security and Pivotal Platform, joint customers can experience:

  • Next generation “shift-left” development and “extend-right” operations practices
  • Full application security lifecycle visibility with Application Security Testing (AST), Software Composition Analysis (SCA), and Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) through the use of software instrumentation
  • Surfacing accurate vulnerability findings early on in the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and accelerated remediation times
  • Real-time monitoring and exploit prevention of application production workloads from cyber threats and attacks
  • Efficient and secure delivery of software applications and APIs

To learn more about how Contrast Security seamlessly integrates with Pivotal Platform, please visit the Pivotal Marketplace and the Pivotal Network. You can also hear from our team of experts at our booth at the SpringOne Platform conference in Austin, Texas on October 7th – 10th. 

About Contrast Security
Contrast Security is the world’s leading provider of security technology that enables software applications to protect themselves against cyberattacks, heralding the new era of self-protecting software. Contrast's patented deep security instrumentation is the breakthrough technology that enables highly accurate assessment and always-on protection of an entire application portfolio, without disruptive scanning or expensive security experts. Only Contrast has sensors that work actively inside applications to uncover vulnerabilities, prevent data breaches, and secure the entire enterprise from development through production. More information can be found at or by following Contrast on Twitter at @ContrastSec.

About Pivotal Software, Inc.
Pivotal combines our cloud-native platform, developer tools, and unique methodology to help the world’s largest companies transform the way they build and run their most important software applications. Our technology is used by Global 2000 companies to achieve strategic advantages in software development and IT operations. Learn more at

Nikesh Shah

Nikesh Shah

As Director of Strategic Alliances, Nikesh is responsible for Contrast Security’s alliance strategy and relationships with several Cloud Providers, and DevOps & Security software vendors. Nikesh has 17 years of Enterprise and Open-Source Software industry experience and he has held various GTM leadership roles with companies such as Atlassian, Pivotal, VMware, IBM, and Oracle. He holds a BS in Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


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