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Contrast Security Extends DevSecOps Platform With Revolutionary Technology To Find Vulnerabilities That Matter 10x Faster Jun 11, 2021 8:42:57 AM

Breakthrough pipeline-native code analysis security testing with Contrast Scan is now available with the Contrast Application Security Platform for complete coverage of the DevSecOps life cycle

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Contrast Scan revolutionizes static application security testing

ByJAXenter Jun 11, 2021 8:29:16 AM

Contrast Security announced Contrast Scan, a new tool that will help teams improve team’s security by quickly finding and identifying vulnerabilities and insecure code. We spoke with Steve Wilson, Chief Product Officer at Contrast Security about the..

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Contrast Security extends DevSecOps platform Jun 10, 2021 3:26:11 PM

The release of Contrast Scan extends the DevSecOps capabilities of the Contrast Application Security Platform to the entire software development life cycle (SDLC), with pipeline-native static analysis to analyse code and detect vulnerabilities at an..

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Static Application Security Testing Jun 10, 2021 3:20:27 PM

Contrast Security has launched contrast scan to help partners and customers “analyze code and detect vulnerabilities early on in the software development life cycle (sdlc),” the company says.

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Technology Finds Vulnerabilities 10x Faster Jun 10, 2021 3:08:41 PM

The release of Contrast Scan extends the DevSecOps capabilities of the Contrast Application Security Platform to the entire SDLC, empowering security teams to run scans up to 10x faster and remediate vulnerabilities up to 45x faster while meeting..

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AppSec in Financial Services – Jeff Williams, Contrast Security

ByDigital Anarchist Jun 9, 2021 1:17:06 PM

Contrast Security’s report on AppSec in financial services is out and Jeff Williams (Co-founder & CTO) gives us the highlights. 

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The sorry state of application security in financial services

ByPaymentsNEXT Jun 3, 2021 9:51:30 AM

“It is clear that application security strategies have not matured at most of the financial services organizations represented in this survey,” said Jeff Williams, CTO, and co-founder at Contrast Security

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A guide to application security tools

BySD Times Jun 3, 2021 9:38:35 AM

Contrast Security achieves comprehensive security observability across the entire software life cycle that enables users to remediate critical vulnerabilities and protect against real threats faster and easier. Contrast OSS allows

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Supply Chain Attacks: How To Reduce Open-Source Vulnerabilities

BySecurity Intelligence May 25, 2021 1:20:46 PM

When you read that software supply chain attacks increased 42% in the first quarter of 2021 over Q4 2020, you might think the cybersecurity problem was related to the traditional supply chain. 

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Contrast Security Named a JMP Securities Elite 80 Cybersecurity Company

ByNewsWire Apr 29, 2021 9:27:41 AM

Recognized for the company's vision, product roadmap, sales footprint, and differentiated technology that enables the full potential of DevSecOps in modern software

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