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PRESS RELEASE: Contrast Security Brings Transformative Application Security to Node.js

First-of-its-kind solution custom fit for Node.js cologo_nodejs.pngmmunity  

Palo Alto, Calif. – April 14, 2016 - Contrast Security, the next generation leader in finding vulnerabilities and blocking attacks on software applications, announced the availability of Contrast Enterprise for Node.js, the highly popular server-side JavaScript runtime environment. Contrast is the only application security product that enables companies using Node.js to accurately find and remediate security vulnerabilities in real-time. Contrast achieves this without disrupting software development processes, and without having to involve application security experts.      

Node.js has been gaining traction with developers and businesses over the past several years because of its high performance, suitability for interactive applications, active developer community and the widespread use of JavaScript.

Companies publicly talking about their Node.js development efforts include Groupon, Netflix, PayPal, Uber and Walmart.

However, with more and more businesses running on Node.js, application vulnerabilities can represent a threat to the entire organization.

Contrast Enterprise is the perfect match for Node.js:

  • Industry-leading accuracy means developers don’t have to burn cycles chasing false alarms
  • Continuous operation throughout the Agile development process means no security scans or waiting for results
  • Deep security instrumentation identifies vulnerabilities across Node.js deployments including APIs, microservices, containers and libraries, which are vital to the evolving Node.js community

Contrast Enterprise instruments every part of a running Node.js application to capture context-rich security data, allowing it to accurately and automatically identify vulnerabilities and recommend remediation steps. “By using instrumentation and producing accurate findings, Contrast Enterprise enables businesses to automate application security at scale,” said Arshan Dabirsiaghi, Contrast Security Co-Founder and Chief Scientist. “This makes Contrast a perfect fit in organizations using Node.js along with Agile development and DevOps methods.” 

About Contrast Security

Software applications are the number one vulnerability and attack vector for global enterprises. Contrast Security is the world’s only application security software that quickly and accurately stops hackers from stealing data via web applications. Industry research shows that application security flaws are the leading source of successful data breaches, yet more than 90% of applications are not secure. Unlike legacy security products that do not defend applications, Contrast employs patented, deep security instrumentation to strengthen applications before they’re deployed, protect them in production and provide visibility throughout the application lifecycle. As a result, organizations can act faster against threats and immediately improve the security of their enterprise. More information on Contrast Security can be found at www.contrastsecurity.com.

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Contrast Security

Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing

Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing

Christine’s wide breadth of marketing experience has been focused on driving revenue, building brand recognition, and creating demand-generation programs in technology organizations. For the past 11 years, her deep understanding of marketing principles, coupled with forward thinking, has been instrumental in transforming application security start-ups into successful, profitable companies.


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