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Why Contrast

Breakthrough Application Security for Serverless Environments
Comprehensive Observability

Fully integrated into AWS Lambda functions, Contrast Serverless Application Security delivers comprehensive observability across all applications in AWS Lambda. Contrast connects to the user’s AWS account to continuously monitor and collect information on applications. This information is used to build a tailored attack profile for every resource.

Automated Application Security

Contrast Serverless Application Security within AWS Lambda functions automates detection and remediation activities for developers, enabling them to remain focused on writing and releasing code. Near real-time monitoring and testing of every change deployed in serverless environments provides developers and application security teams with vulnerability context around code, configuration, relationships, and more.

Seamless, Rapid Deployment and Management

Contrast Serverless Application Security includes full application security testing  capabilities for custom and open-source code in one application security platform and can be deployed in three clicks and less than five minutes for full results. No application security experts and resources are needed—from deployment to ongoing management.

Key Features

Graph Visualization

Generates a complete, interactive graph of your application highlighting relationships between functions and services. Click on a function to see vulnerability information and details of each element in the diagram. A posture score is generated for each function’s trigger configuration. Easily change views to group by service and further customize by enabling/disabling services you want included in the graph view.


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Dynamic Scanning

Automatically initiates tailored, dynamic security assessments based on any specific updates introduced to the testing environment in real time. This greatly improves the ease of pentesting versus manual approaches. Dynamic scans are based on the interpretation of OWASP Top 10 benchmarks, including SQL injection, code injection, command injection, and local file inclusion.

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Resource Observability

Automatically discovers all resources (e.g., S3 bucket, API Gateway, DynamoDB) and their relationships within tested environments in a few short minutes per session.

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Static Scanning

Automatically executes assessments of relevant static code and configuration to discover new vulnerabilities in near real time with recommended context-rich remediation guidance. Vulnerability types covered include least privilege identity and access management (IAM) vulnerabilities (over permissive functions) within serverless workload prior to deployment and open-source software vulnerabilities and licensing risks using Contrast’s unique open-source security engine.


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Serverless technology is the next step in removing friction from the software development life cycle—speed, scalability, flexibility, and cost efficiency all rank high on the list of advantages. But legacy application security was not made for serverless applications—and survey findings corroborate that this is the case.

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Contrast extends its application security platform with Contrast Serverless Application Security that will initially support AWS Lambda as survey finds two-thirds of respondents say security is critical or very important to their serverless application strategy.



Application security designed and built for serverless environments.

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