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The DevOps Ready Security Program


6 Tips for a CISO to Bring Security into the DevOps Era

Establishing a DevOps-ready security program is possible. Leveraging the 6 pro tips outlined in this brief will allow you to do that in a way that gives you quick wins, gets key stakeholders on board and improves total cost of ownership.

Extending DevOps to your software application security team shifts security from being a bottleneck to an enabler.

According to McKinsey & Company, the benefits of being a DevOps-ready IT organization include:

  • An increase of 25-30% in capacity creation
  • A 50-75% reduction in time-to-market
  • A greater than 50% reduction in failure rates

The implication is clear: Improving the DevOps maturity of your security program is critical to time-to- market and product quality and resilience.

Executive Brief