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Digital Transformation, DevOps, & Security

Digital Transformation, DevOps, & Security

Insight from an Industry Expert: Jason Bloomberg, President of Intellyx

Digital Transformation is driving Agile, DevOps and the move to cloud-based technologies. These activities, in turn, are driving the need for a stronger security.

There’s no question that Digital Transformation depends upon security and this whitepaper will help you understand why. In this paper Jason Bloomberg discusses:

  • Digital Transformation itself, customer-driven, software-empowered.
  • How organizations build and deploy software rapidly to keep up with ever-changing customer demands, ongoing technology innovation, and the relentless pace of competition.
  • The weakest link: Security. Increasingly dynamic, modular, and distributed software expands the enterprise threat surface, increasing the risk profile – a primary concern not just for technology leadership, but for the C-suite as well.


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