Security that Scales

Application security must scale with your cloud applications and work in any environment without affecting stability or performance.

Who Needs Cloud Application Security?

Cloud security architects that want application layer security that scales with the cloud applications they want to protect.
Cloud operations teams who want security that works in their environment without affecting stability or performance.
Application security teams that want a single application security platform for all applications including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid apps.
CISOs and security executives who want to securely enable their cloud initiatives and are concerned about protecting assets in the cloud.
CTOs and transformation executives looking to drive cloud adoption across their enterprise while effectively managing risk.


“Self-protecting software is a significant evolution in the approach to software
security on AWS. With Contrast Security, AWS customers now
have a means to get continuous visibility into application layer attacks
and the ability to immediately protect themselves from new threats.”

Rohit Gupta
Global Segment Leader, Security
Amazon Web Services, Inc.




No Performance Impact.

AppSec that Scales

Moves anywhere your application is deployed.


Compatible with tools you already know.

The Problem With Protecting Your Cloud Application


Until recently, protecting business applications in the cloud was limited to edge devices (e.g., Web Application Firewalls, IPS) that had the following issues:

  • Too expensive and complex to scale: Need to add, move or tune each time there is a change to the application or the deployment. Does not move easily with the application
  • No visibility into applications that are vulnerable or under attack: Legacy solutions sit at the perimeter or only monitor the network or infrastructure layer
  • No expertise: Difficult to find practitioners with cloud as well as application security expertise
  • Poor performance and reliability: Slows down or crashes applications

How Contrast's Cloud Application Security Delivers Value

Easy-to-deploy and scale: Contrast Protect is instrumented into the application, moving with and protecting applications
wherever they are deployed, and automatically reporting and blocking attacks.

Unmatched application security visibility: Contrast Protect’s patented deep security instrumentation allows visibility deeper into the application stack. This allows teams to understand which applications are under attack as well as what is happening within the application in real-time

Sophisticated application security with no expertise needed: Contrast Protect enables a simple and scalable way to manage your application security policy, regardless of where the application resides

No performance impact: Contrast Protect offers best in class performance and adds only 50 microseconds per request, essentially imperceptible in normal traffic