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Secure Code the Right Way with Contrast Security

Built for developers: fast, accurate, seamless code security.

winnerDon’t compromise speed and accuracy for ease of integration, get it all with Contrast Security!

While Snyk’s products (and other developer-first security tools) offer multiple integrations for ease of use, they ultimately fall short when it comes to the speed and accuracy of scans, often unable to support beyond the development phase. 

With Contrast Security, developers can push code with confidence by gaining access to our patented AST solution, which provides unmatched speed and accuracy of scans, plus multiple integrations with the world's most utilized developer tools. AST also goes beyond by providing an added level of security during the production phase. AST unifies developers, security and operations with a single platform solution that provides Serverless, SCA, SAST, IAST and RASP, effectively securing code throughout the software development lifecycle (SLDC) with unmatched speed, accuracy, and integrations.

The Contrast Difference:
  • Contrast SAST: Unlike the traditional SAST offering from Snyk, Contrast is built from the ground up to make developer security testing as routine as a code commit while focusing on the most imperative vulnerabilities quickly and accurately.
    • Speed Compared with Snyk:
      • Snyk = > 1 minute vs. Contrast = < 1 minute in an Open-Source App​ (1)

    • Accuracy compared with Snyk:
      • 48% more critical/high vulnerabilities in Java ​ (2)
      • +50% more overall vulnerabilities in .NET​ (3)
      • +70% more critical/high vulnerabilities in .NET (3)
  • Contrast SCA: Unlike Snyk, which focuses on pre-production, Contrast SCA secures code during every step of the SDLC, including protecting and preventing attacks in production — the phase during which scans uncover true vulnerabilities.

  • Contrast Serverless: Snyk doesn’t conduct cloud-native scanning, it only reviews open source repositories used by AWS services such as AWS Lambda. Contrast Security’s Serverless offering extends its fast and accurate security testing with deep integration and coverage for cloud-native applications like AWS Lambda.

Contrast has been securing the code of Fortune 500 companies for years. Both developers and AppSec professionals alike trust Contrast to find vulnerabilities and deliver innovative code security for their organizations. Learn more about why Contrast is the security platform of choice.


See how Contrast compares to other security vendors:

Metrics Reference


  1. Based on scanning results from an Alibaba Sentinel Open-Source application test. 
  2. Based on scanning results from a WebGoat 8.1 (.Java) application test.
  3. Based on scanning results from a WebGoat 8.1 (.NET) application test.
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