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Securing Java Web Applications and APIs

Securing Java Web Applications and APIs...in minutes...for FREE...Seriously!

In Minutes....for FREE...Seriously!

Security tools have always been difficult, inaccurate, and frustrating... but what if there were a security tool that was as easy and powerful to use as AppDynamics? A security tool that anyone could use to secure their own code, lock down open source libraries, identify attackers, and prevent exploits.

Contrast's Community Edition is a FREE and full-strength application security platform designed for anyone to use. Contrast uses instrumentation to assess and protect applications from the inside as you code, test, and deploy them...without the need to change your code or add extra steps.

This approach enables Contrast to be more accurate, scalable, better integrated, and more DevSecOps-friendly than any other application security solution. You'll never want to use your static (SAST) or dynamic (DAST) scanners or your web application firewall (WAF) again.