How To Unearth Application Vulnerabilities Hiding in Custom and Third Party Code

Today’s IT environments are increasingly complex and layered, jampacked with new collaboration applications, operational management platforms, authentication tools, malware protection software, the list goes on. With so many apps, it’s all too easy to focus your vulnerability remediation efforts on third-party software libraries and published CVEs and call it done.   

The hard truth is that teams leaning on known published CVEs are missing critical undisclosed vulnerabilities. And your own custom code houses the majority of your application vulnerabilities that don’t have a CVE—as much as 93%.  

How do you locate these vulns on your own?  

Kenna Security and Contrast Security will unpack how to: 

                • Amplify your appsec and avoid careless errors 
                • Unearth hidden vulnerabilities across your entire environment 
                • Focus your finite remediation resources on your biggest risks