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Application Security that's Pinpoint Accurate,
Lightning Fast and Breathtakingly Easy.

Contrast Enterprise knows where apps are weak and can instantly deploy adaptive defenses to protect an organization's entire application portfolio.

Contrast is the first application security product to integrate defenses across development and operations, unifying vulnerability assessment, security visibility and attack protection throughout the application lifecycle.

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Live Webinar on February 17th
Make IAST Your New AppSec Go-To

Time to learn about interactive application security testing (IAST), a technology that is transforming the way businesses approach finding and remediating vulnerabilities. Join us on Wednesday, February 17th as we discuss: 

  • Strengths and limitations of SAST and DAST
  • What IAST is and how it differs from existing approaches
  • How software instrumentation – used extensively in the application performance management market – can be used for application security



For a 3rd Year Contrast Named a Gartner "Visionary"

Contrast Security named a "Visionary" in the NEW 2015 Application Security Testing Magic Quadrant. Gartner's analysis gives a comprehensive view of best practices and trends in application security, along with a complete assessment of vendors in the space. Contrast Security was recognized as a visionary based on ability to execute and completeness of vision.

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Indecent Exposure Whitepaper

Indecent Exposure Whitepaper

This paper reviews why today's application security tools don't work and how they failed to deliver on their promises. After reviewing some of the pitfalls of legacy application security tools and why they have failed, this whitepaper presents a new approach for securing an organization's entire application portfolio via Runtime Application Self-Protection, or RASP.

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Named a Visionary" 
Application Security Testing Magic Quadrant

Named a Leader" 
The Forrester Wave™ Application Security

 Even after patching, deserializing will still kill you 

January 2016 – With all the talk about Java serialization vulnerabilities, I thought I'd share a new, open source tool I built for you to download and use, purposely designed to consume all the memory of a target that's deserializing objects -- eventually blowing it up. It’s called jinfinity. jinfinity exploits the fact that deserializers, like many parsers, follow very basic read-until-terminator patterns...
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OWASP Benchmark

Cyber Security Benchmark Highlights
Legacy Product Failures

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