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Empower and enable your teams through Contrast’s wide-range of secure, seamless, and scalable integrations.
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Application Lifecycle Integrations


Advanced Security Threat Remediation

Seamless integrations with Contrast and leading code editors enable your developers to identify, display, and remediate custom code vulnerabilities faster.

Vulnerability and Risk Management

Discover the ease of Contrast’s Application Security solutions when paired with Innovators who reinvent ways to measure risks immediately while consolidating vulnerability management.

Be a Secure
Code Expert

Integrations with the latest security training solutions provide an easy way to increase your developers’ security knowledge and empower them to write code safer and faster than ever.

Threats Don’t
Take Breaks

Explore our SIEM and SOAR integrations that allow you to not only monitor and block threats as quickly as they arise, but also respond and take immediate action no matter the time of day.

Critical Vulnerabilities Prevention

With Contrast’s Security Innovation Integrators, it’s easier than ever for your AppSec leaders to get business units and teams to adopt the same criteria for failing and classifying builds.

Detect Potential Risks

Automate discovery at inception. Contrast’s System Integrators uncover vulnerabilities in your applications through implementation and verification testing.

Extended Capabilities and Services

Contrast enables your teams to identify vulnerabilities ahead of time and customize services for immediate notification - all through an extended network of SDKs and Webhooks.

Advanced Integrations For Modern Solutions

Industry-leading integration partners enhance Contrast’s ability to empower your teams. Advanced app security deeply integrations and partners with tools developers already love.
  • Deliver advanced and powerful solutions with the support of a fully integrated Contrast team dedicated to your success.
  • Gain the ability to accurately and efficiently remediate application security risks through consolidated views and comprehensive solutions.
  • Always advancing. Contrast’s integrations, partners, and solutions never stop growing. Be a part of the next gen of application security.

Achieving Secure Code Flow, Together

CodeSec For Developers

CodeSec brings the fastest and most accurate code scanner on the market right to developers for free. Make code security simple and efficient with quick scan times, market-leading accuracy, actionable results and seamless integration.