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Automated Penetration Testing

The Contrast Secure Code Platform automates the penetration testing process, enabling penetration testers to focus on more complex vulnerabilities that require more detailed review.

Who Needs Automated Pen Testing?


CISOs that are cost conscious and need to “do more with less” with regards to the Security staff they have on hand.


Application security teams who need to provide layered security without impeding development timelines.


DevOps teams that need application security to reduce the number of false positives and actionable remediation guidance.


Red Teams
"Red teams" that would benefit from a detailed “roadmap” of highlighted vulnerabilities that exist in the applications.

The Automated Security Testing Solution is Here

The Contrast Unified Platform Approach
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Why Automated Pen Testing?


Save Valuable Resources

Contrast automates security testing across the development lifecycle, allowing Security teams to focus on remediation rather than manually testing.


Minimize MTTR

Contrast drastically cuts security debt by embedding within native developer pipelines and providing actionable remediation guidance.


Pinpoint Accuracy

Contrast’s industry leading accuracy means less time manually triaging false positives from pen-testing reports.

With Contrast Assess we had an average of 7% of false positives against the 57% in the pen-test reports received from our customers.

Jose Oca
Lead Quality Manager


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