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7 top software supply chain security tools

As the fallout from the Apache Log4J vulnerabilities earlier this year shows, the biggest risks in enterprise software today are not necessarily with insecure code written directly by in-house software development teams. 

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Case study: Scaling DevSecOps at Comcast

Comcast's DevSecOps transformation started small but quickly gained steam, resulting in 85% fewer security incidents in production. Learn more in this case study.

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What A Cybersecurity Shift-Left Means For SaaS Companies And Their Customers

That's software developer shorthand for moving a task to an earlier spot on the timeline, and it's what smart SaaS companies are now doing to protect themselves and their customers from cybercrime.

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Recent Press Releases


Contrast Security Selected as SC Media 2022 Trust Award Finalist for Best Web Application Security Solution

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Contrast Security to Present on Modern DevSecOps and Automation at Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

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Contrast Security Wins Two Gold 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards for Serverless Security and Application Security

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Award and Recognition

Contrast Secure Code Platform and Contrast Serverless recognized for enabling developers to find and fix security defects 17x faster and improve the operational efficiencies

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Contrast Security Recognized as the Best Application Security Solution by the 2021 Tech Ascension Awards

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Contrast Security Named Winner in Black Unicorn Awards for 2021

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