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Why Experts Disagree On Whether Businesses Should Pay Ransomware Demands

new report that the number of ransomware attacks has dropped this year does not mean companies and organizations should lower their guard against these threats. 

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New Google Play Store Rules Could Encourage Privacy Violations

Taking a step back to move forward?

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Dragging App/API Security Out of the Stone Age

In the wake of the SolarWinds attack, an executive order advocated mandatory software bills of material (SBOMs) to increase transparency into the potentially vulnerability-laden components tucked into applications. 

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Recent Press Releases


Contrast Security Expands Free Developer Tool by Adding Open Source Security and SBOM Creation
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Contrast Security to Showcase CodeSec at BlackHat 2022

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Contrast Security Unlocks the Power of Serverless Technology at AWS re:Inforce Conference

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Award and Recognition

Contrast Security Named Enterprise Security Tech Cyber Top 20 Company

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Contrast Security Named Publisher’s Choice DevSecOps and Market Leader Software Development Lifecycle Security by Global InfoSec Awards

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Contrast Security Selected as SC Media 2022 Trust Award Finalist for Best Web Application Security Solution

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