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From Start to Finish in Minutes

From Start to Finish in Minutes

Frictionless and seamless signup process with GitHub or Google Account. – from zero to secure in less than 5 minutes.

Fastest & Most Accurate Scanner

Fastest & Most Accurate Scanner

Delivers up to 10X faster scan rates. Recognized as the fastest & most accurate JAVA scanner in the market.

Immediate & Actionable Results

Immediate & Actionable Results

Find 70% more critical vulnerabilities, and actionable results with 6X more true positives in seconds.

About CodeSec by Contrast

CodeSec brings enterprise-level security testing right to developer's laptop for free. Make code and serverless security simple and efficient with quick scan times, market-leading accuracy, actionable results and seamless integration.

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What’s included in CodeSec


New | CodeSec - SCA 

Secure vulnerable libraries (in Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, GO, PHP, .NET) in your open-source software (OSS) with lighting speed, accuracy, and actionable remediation guidance to ship code faster and create a standardized Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to manage supply chain risk with ease.​

Supported Languages:



CodeSec - Scan

Optimize code security for Java, Javascript and .NET applications with fast, industry-leading (SAST) scans and actionable remediation guidance, in a simple command line interface. Additionally, you can secure your Github pipeline with Contrast GitHub Actions for free. Click Here  to learn more.

Supported Languages:

JavaJavaScriptNET GitHub Actions


CodeSec - Serverless

Take advantage of a new ground-breaking application security tool for serverless environments in AWS Lambda Functions (Java + Python) that detects cloud-native vulnerabilities quickly and accurately while providing actionable remediation guidance in a simple command line interface. 

Supported Languages:


CodeSec by Contrast

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See Just How Powerful Contrast's New Free Developer Security Tool Can Be For Yourself.

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Securing Your Application

Contrast supports multiple languages, with seamless integration into your existing workflow.

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