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From start to finish in minutes

Frictionless and seamless signup process with GitHub or Google Account. – from zero to secure in less than 5 minutes.


Fastest & most accurate scanner

Delivers up to 10X faster scan rates. Recognized as the fastest & most accurate Java and JavaScript (SAST) scanner in the market.


Immediate & actionable results

Find 70% more critical vulnerabilities, and actionable results with 6X more true positives in seconds.

Scan, secure and ship

your code in minutes for free

Get started in just 3 steps


1-2   Install

Open terminal and run the following command


brew tap contrastsecurity/tap
brew install contrast

2-1   Authenticate

Authenticate using your existing GitHub or Google account

contrast auth

3-1   Analyze

Start scanning for vulnerabilities


Run SCA audit to scan for vulnerable libraries with the following command.

contrast audit

GitHub action is available to automate SCA as part of your pipeline.

    Need help getting started?

Read the docs

Supported languages:


Scan up to 50 projects per month