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DevSecOps Platform: Protect with Speed and Accuracy

Make security seamless from development to production with one unified DevSecOps platform that protects the entire SDLC.

Achieve comprehensive DevSecOps

Automate and streamline testing, empower developers to secure their code in real-time and defend against vulnerabilities in production all through a single DevSecOps platform that gets secure code moving like never before.


Increase developer velocity

Contrast makes security invisible to the developer by turning every test into a security test.


Reduce security risk

Contrast finds security defects with industry best accuracy and makes it simple for developers to fix.


Simplify DevSecOps

Contrast’s pipeline native approach automates security into every step of the dev lifecycle, from IDE to Production.

Discover why the Contrast Secure Code Platform is built for DevSecOps


Start now for free with CodeSec by Contrast

Secure code with the fastest, most accurate scanner on the market. Immediate actionable results. Up and running in less than 5 minutes. 

94% of customers recommend Contrast

Application Security made for the DevSecOps era. Contrast provides real-time results with high accuracy in a way that helps development teams remediate findings quickly and easily.”


Contrast SCA

Test and protect third party, open-source code moving through your software supply chain with security embedded & automated through development and continuous monitoring in production

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5 ways to rapid DevSecOps adoption

Discover how leading companies are shipping code faster while remaining secure

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