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Contrast SCA

Full software supply chain visibility across your development lifecycle


Contrast SCA enables businesses to protect their software supply chain by identifying real threats from third-party components across the entire software development lifecycle - from code, through test, to production.


End-to-End Software Supply Chain Visibility

Flag security gaps embedded in your software supply chain - open-source, commercial, and proprietary code - scaling across dev, testing, and production environments.

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Developer Ease-of-Use

Embed secure coding within developers’ native CI/CD processes to help shift left and find actionable findings during routine build and testing workflows.


No More Testing Silos

Test the application as a whole- both custom and third-party code - at each stage of the development lifecycle. Aggregated testing enables actionable remediation by highlighting which libraries are invoked by the application.

We were able to analyze whether our own built software would be vulnerable to the Log4j zero-day, using the Contrast Secure Code Platform, and got the answer within 30 seconds by just looking at the Libraries menu! How fast is that!

Sandor Incze, CISO

Contrast SCA for Log4j

Contrast SCA identified that the application uses the vulnerable version of log4j. Our runtime context also allows you to identify which applications use JMSAppender, the specific class that can be exploited using this CVE.

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Full Software Observability

Embed third-party software testing throughout the software lifecycle

  • As a shared service across the Contrast Application Security Platform, Contrast SCA provides third-party software visibility without the need to deploy any additional tooling
  • Avoid erroneous findings by assessing custom and third-party code simultaneously
  • Embed testing for vulnerable third-party libraries within native CI/CD and runtime testing
  • Flag library risk within cloud-native applications and block attacks on vulnerable libraries in production

Runtime Library Usage

Prioritize the most immediate risk based on which libraries are used

  • Highlight which libraries are used by the application and how often down to the specific class, file, or module
  • Prioritize remediation workflows based on which libraries are actually called at runtime
  • Enable developers to fix vulnerable libraries fast by focusing on the most relevant third-party software risk

Dependency Risk Management

Mitigate security debt by accounting for transitive dependency risk

  • Integrate the Contrast CLI into native CI/CD processes to populate the dependency tree and highlight potential risk
  • Flag software supply chain risk by identifying potential instances of dependency confusion
  • Contextualize how dependencies are pulled into the application to streamline remediation efforts

Real-Time Inventory and Governance

Stay up-to-date on third-party software inventory and institute scalable controls

  • Export library versioning, vulnerability, licensing and environment data to a standardized Software Bill of Materials (SBOM)
  • Ensure rapid response to emerging threats with automated alerts for new vulnerabilities in deployed libraries
  • Institute scalable policy controls for third-party security and licensing and enforce within native pipelines

Resources to help you get
secure code moving


Contrast SCA: Automated Open-Source Security Software and Compliance

Read this Data Sheet for a glimpse into how Contrast SCA enables developers to reap the benefits of third-party libraries without compromising security by embedding into native workflows.


eBook: 3 Ways Contrast Helps Safeguard the Software Supply Chain

Read this eBook to learn how Contrast enables organizations to secure and protect their software supply chain.


Report: 2021 State of Open Source Security Report

The 2021 State of Open-source Security Report uses telemetry from actual applications protected by Contrast SCA and Contrast Assess to reveal key trends about library usage, vulnerabilities, and best practices.

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