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eBook: 3 Ways Contrast Helps Safeguard the Software Supply Chain

The proliferation of third-party code in applications requires a comprehensive approach

Protecting applications and the software supply chain is a major focus of strict new cybersecurity standards for U.S. federal government software purchases. At the same time, today’s applications depend on a high volume of third-party code (including open-source components)—which introduces gaps in visibility and governance that inhibit rapid responses to zero-day exploits.

Organizations need comprehensive observability of the entire software supply chain, something that is only available with tools from Contrast Security. As part of the Contrast Secure Code Platform, Contrast SCA directly measures which open-source libraries are used during actual application runtimes—and it’s the only solution that can do this. This eBook explores how Contrast:

  • Establishes comprehensive observability across the software supply chain
  • Protects against zero-day threats with continuous visibility
  • Saves time, effort, and money by reducing alert noise (false positives)
  • Provides robust governance by tracking library dependency risks
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