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Contrast Security for
Managed Security Services Providers

Contrast Security empowers managed security service providers (MSSPs) to harden their customers’ application security posture and get secure code moving across the entire SDLC while also securing against zero day vulnerability attacks.

The Challenge

Application security is at the forefront of the cyber attack war. Customers are turning to MSSPs as a way to help augment their application security and further bolster their security posture. MSSPs must consider the solutions they are using to secure their clients applications and consider depth and breadth of the platform leveraged to secure applications.
The goal of the managed security provider should be to harden and protect application code with a defense-in-depth mindset across the entire software development lifecycle. Partnering with Contrast Security provides MSSP's with the platform solutions and team to support this goal.

The Benefits of Contrast Security MSSPs

Industry-leading services partners enhance Contrast’s power. Get Advanced app security deeply integrated with tools developers already love.
  • One unified platform that spans the entire software development lifecycle
  • Instant and continuous feedback for developers to help them secure as they code
  • Cloud native development security locking down both AWS Lambda functions and Microsoft Azure functions
  • Runtime application self protection that hardens your application stack against zero-day vulnerabilities.

The Contrast Security Approach

Contrast’s approach to application security differs from the competition by leveraging embedded technology in the application to identify vulnerabilities, mitigates risk, and provide steps for remediation. While other vendors focus on the Shift Left approach, Contrast’s Secure Code Platform focuses on Shifting Smart with developer-friendly technologies across the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) by providing detection, protection and security at the points where they are most effective.

We developed SIA with the mission of helping our partners grow and succeed and the launch of our new MSSP Program will ensure that our partners have the support they need to achieve their goals.

In addition to having access to our full Contrast suite of security solutions, MSSP partners will also receive sales enablement and engagement education, professional services to stand-up new platforms and customers, custom pricing models as well as a new MSSP sales toolkit. I am confident that our new MSSP program will be a game-changer for any businesses looking to expand their service offerings and increase customer engagement.

Ben Goodman, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Alliances at Contrast Security.



Contrast Application Security Platform

Contrast enables teams to protect their applications against the next generation of cyber threats 
The Contrast Platform provides a complete application security solution that empowers modern software teams to protect their applications against the next generation of cyber threats. From embedded run-time protection and visibility into production code to continuous vulnerability management and threat monitoring, Contrast delivers better application security with less effort and cost. 
Contrast integrates with Agile and DevOps processes by operating within the application, which means it can solve the challenges legacy security tools present in modern software environments. Contrast leverages instrumentation to embed security within the application runtime, making it an inside-out approach to application security. This removes the guesswork of outside-in application security tools, delivering accuracy, efficiency, and scalability of modern software demands. 
Contrast accelerates DevOps by removing security bottlenecks from application development and reducing the noise of false positives. It also provides runtime observability of application code in production to protect known and unknown vulnerabilities from being exploited. 

The Contrast Solution

Contrast Security solutions can drive additional services you can offer to deliver value for your customers and incremental revenue for your company. By leveraging our solutions, you can provide rich additional service offerings such as:


Secure Coding

  • Real-Time Vulnerability Monitoring
  • Application Security Testing/Scanning
  • DevSecOps Transformation



API Security

  • Serverless Security
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Zero Day Attack Protection

SBOM Creation

  • Compliance
  • Threat Modeling
  • Attack Visibility & Intelligence

Application Protection

  • Zero-Trust
  • Cloud Migration

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