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istockphoto-962938042-612x612Application attacks and attacks against APIs are surging. According to “Modern Bank Heists Report 5.0,” 60% of cyberattacks result in island-hopping, wherein the adversary hijacks the digital transformation of the financial institution (FI) in order to attack their customers. In addition, 94% of FIs suffered attacks wherein an application programming interface (API) was the attack vector. With cybercrime cartels using application attacks to manifest criminal conspiracies, it is imperative that you defend from within. 


Trust and confidence in the safety and soundness of your applications and APIs is paramount in 2023.  Contrast Security is  committed to protecting the financial sector. Our participation in the FS-ISAC and Cyberfraud Taskforces of the US Secret Service underscores our dedication to the sector.”

Tom Kellermann
SVP of Cyber Strategy


Vigilant Digital Transformation

Today's adversaries understand the failures of perimeter security and the critical interdependencies we share with applications. As we digitally transform, we must do so with vigilance.  
Code security is paramount for financial services firms. Traditional security tools simply can’t meet the demands of today’s fast-moving financial services developer teams. Not only are existing tools inaccurate, they slow teams down, clogging up the development pipeline. Today, as you strive for greater agility and speed, DevOps teams are under increasing pressure to release secure code faster. 
Contrast Security solves these problems with a unified approach that lets developers weave in security as they write while also safeguarding client trust with real-time attack protection. 


Cyber Bank Heists

Security is top-of-mind amid rising geopolitical tensions, increased destructive attacks utilizing wipers, and a record-breaking year of zero-day exploits. Learn what financial leaders revealed about security trends like notable cyberattacks, e-fraud, and cyber defense. 

The Contrast Platform Protects at the Speed of DevOps

The Contrast platform embeds intelligent agents directly into code — thousands of smart sensors that detect vulnerabilities in real time across the entire software lifecycle, from build to test to production.


Secures as you code — sees and eliminates risks in real time


Protects your operations without slowing them down


Allows teams to seamlessly integrate security into their Agile and DevOps SDLC processes


Provides detailed information on attacks, malicious activity and unknown exploits


Delivers rapid responses to actual attacks, not best guesses

Contrast Security has increased our level of confidence in ensuring the quality and security of our software applications. It has empowered our developers and it is an integral part of our SDLC. As a result, it has enhanced developer productivity and security."

Head of Application Security
Top 10 International Bank


Empowering financial services app developers to rapidly deliver secure software

Read this case study to learn how this North American insurance subsidiary increased awareness among developers about application security risk and safe-coding practices.

Read case study
Contrast for financial services


Threats Facing the Financial Sector: From Heist to Hostage Situation

Financial institutions face evolving cybercrime conspiracies coordinated by international cyber cartels. Tom Kellermann, Contrast's SVP of Cyber Strategy, shares his unique perspective on how cyberattacks are evolving in the financial sector, what significant new e-fraud trends are occurring and a discussion of effective mitigation strategies.

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In this customer spotlight session, our co-founder and CTO Jeff Williams sat down with an American financial technology company to discuss the importance of embedding application security, implementing run time protection, and shifting left in the development process. Learn how these strategies can help organizations stay ahead of evolving security threats and keep their applications safe.


2023 Cyber Bank Heists Report


Security is top-of-mind amid rising geopolitical tensions, increased destructive attacks utilizing wipers, and a record-breaking year of zero-day exploits. Learn what financial leaders revealed about security trends like notable cyberattacks, e-fraud, and cyber defense.


Developers Love Application Security at Financial Services Firm

Case Study

Using Contrast, the development team now has the visibility and control they need to be security-focused, accurate, and self-sufficient. Contrast Assess has changed the application security dynamics at the company. Application security is now an integral and unobtrusive part of the software development lifecycle.


Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It: Defend From Within

Code Patrol Podcast

We've all had enough of cyber attacks targeting our nation's critical infrastructure and public and private businesses. We need a strategy to combat the attackers head-on! We sit down with our own Senior Vice President of Cyber Strategy for a conversation on how organizations must ensure they're not only prepared to detect and report, but also to defend from within.


LinkedIn Live: New Cyberattack Crises Facing the Financial Sector

LinkedIn Live

Watch this live discussion on key findings we’ve uncovered from financial institutions around the world, and what financial sector security leaders are currently seeing, what threats they’re most concerned about and how they’re adjusting their security strategy.

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