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Application Security Monitoring (ASM) = Attack Monitoring

Contrast is the only platform that monitors code for vulnerabilities and attacks.

Who Needs Application Security Monitoring?


SOC Teams
Looking for better ways to monitor for headline-making application attacks.


Incident Response Teams
Looking for deeper insight into application attacks.


IT Ops Teams
Looking to compliment their Web Application Firewalls (WAF) with deeper application-specific security insights.


Application Security Teams
That want to protect legacy applications in production.


DevOps Teams
Who want an APM-like way to monitor security.

Contrast Security's Application
Security Monitoring Solution

Empowers you to monitor your application like never before.



Improving Application Performance & Resilience with Security Monitoring



WAF, RASP and Log4Shell



Overview - Introduction to Contrast Protect

The Problem with a Production Application

You can only manage what you measure.

Until recently, we knew little to nothing about the state of security inside a running application – unless developers built in custom logging. Without security visibility, security pros would typically:

  • Hope the developers wrote secure code
  • Harden the platform (e.g., OS, server, container) the application is running on and hope nothing gets through
  • Deploy an edge device (e.g., IPS, WAF) and hope blocking suspicious traffic is sufficient
  • Hope your SOC finds the attack in time
  • Hope that your incident response team can respond effectively
Experience Contrast Today

Schedule a one-to-one demo to see what the Contrast Secure Code Platform could do for you.

Watch a Short Demo & Overview Video

In 9 minutes, see for yourself how contrast security makes software self-protecting and discover how deep-security instrumentation allows more in-depth visibility into the application stack.


How Contrast ASM Delivers Value

Contrast Protect's patented deep-security instrumentation allows visibility deeper into the application stack. Contrast Protect Log Enhancement extends your attack and event monitoring capability into the inner workings of application and user behavior.

Log Enhancement Allows
You to Monitor Any Security Event

Inside the application, Contrast Log Enhancers enable user-defined policies that monitor security activity and send that data to your log management or Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system of choice.

The Solution is here -
Contrast Protect

Application Security Monitoring (ASM) is available now and with contrast protect you'll have the visibility you need.