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Contrast-on-Contrast Case Study: How We're Using Our Application Security Platform from Development to Production

Speakers: David Hafley, Tim Franklin, Patrick Spencer



David Hafley, VP of Engineering at Contrast Security
Tim Franklin, Sr. Sales Engineer at Contrast Security
Patrick Spencer, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief of Inside AppSec Podcast

How Contrast Is Using Our Application Security Platform: Key Use Cases and Business Value

At Contrast Security, we’ve been “eating our own cooking” to secure and protect TeamServer—the assessment analysis engine and UI that powers the Contrast Application Security Platform.

Join us to explore some of our core use cases, including how we:
  • Remediate vulnerabilities
  • Integrate application security with the CI/CD pipeline
  • Assess for open-source risks
  • Protect TeamServer in production runtime

We also share tangible business value outcomes that we've achieved using the Contrast Application Security Platform.



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