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Contrast News

Contrast Security Honored as Gold Stevie Award Winner in 2017 American Business

Mark Hodgson, Vice President of Marketing | May 9, 2017

Contrast Security was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the New Product or Service of the Year - Software Development Solution category in the 15th Annual American Business Awards. Details about The American Business Awards and the list of..

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Contrast News

The Importance of Adding "A7: Insufficient Attack Protection" to the OWASP Top 10

Jeff Williams, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer | April 27, 2017

We know there are some very strong feelings about both the recent Top Ten Release Candidate and my involvement in the project. Steve Ragan does a nice job summarizing the issue in CSO: "Contrast Security Responds to OWASP Top 10 Controversy."  While..

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Application Security- Contrast News

Why You Must Build Cybersecurity Into Your Applications

Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing | April 20, 2017

In a series of recent articles, Dan Woods from Forbes, has been analyzing how companies can best allocate their security portfolio dollars. To understand the security products on the market that can help companies address these complicated issues,..

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Contrast News

The New OWASP Top 10 for 2017 Reveals New Critical Weakness in Application Defenses

Mark Hodgson, Vice President of Marketing | April 14, 2017

The OWASP Top 10 - 2017 reflects a move towards modern, high-speed software development that we’ve seen explode across the industry since the last version of the Top 10 in 2013. 

While many of the vulnerabilities remain the same, the addition of..

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Contrast News

Rollback of FCC privacy requirements could have broad repercussions

Mark Hodgson, Vice President of Marketing | April 13, 2017

Last week the United States Congress made the rather unsettling decision to roll-back FCC privacy regulations that prohibited ISPs from selling customers' browser history and other personal information without their permission.  This decision could..

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Contrast News

Today, Apps Are Continuous -- Shouldn't Security Be Too?

Mark Hodgson, Vice President of Marketing | April 12, 2017

We're beginning to see a growing number of articles appearing in the business press that address the challenges with securing software applications that are being built via an agile or DevOps methodology.  In the past, software would stick to..

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DevOps- Contrast News

Cloud Developers Can Now Get Cloud Foundry Certified!

Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing | April 6, 2017

Cloud developers can now become certified as Cloud Foundary experts, thanks to the folks at Cloud Foundry Foundation, who announced last week the launch of a cloud based developer certification initiative. The genesis behind this initiative will..

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Contrast News

How To Select The Right Products For Your Cybersecurity Portfolio

Mark Hodgson, Vice President of Marketing | April 6, 2017

So far in his cybersecurity series, Dan Woods' Forbes articles have focused on how to build the right cybersecurity portfolio for your business. He has outlined three key steps companies should take, and advocated that companies not overspend on..

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Contrast News- Thought Leaders

US Needs a Federal CISO — A Response to the Appointment of a US Cybersecurity Coordinator

Jeff Williams, Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer | March 28, 2017

In response to the Trump administration announcement of the appointment of a White House cybersecurity coordinator. Contrast Security Co-founder and CTO, Jeff Williams, was ask to provide his thoughts in a recently published CSO article, "US Needs a..

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Hacked- Contrast News

The WikiLeaks CIA Dump Dominates AppSec News Coverage

Christine Carrig, Director of Marketing | March 21, 2017

WikiLeaks has been dominating recent news when it released "Vault 7", a new series of leaks it claims came from the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). WikiLeaks delared that Vault 7  "is the largest ever publication of confidential..

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"When we instrumented applications at the UK's largest Government Department with Contrast Assess, it was like handing our project teams an incredibly powerful debugging agent containing the sum total of application security knowledge.” 

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