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Why Blue Teams Need RASP: Continuous Application Threat Monitoring with Runtime Exploit Prevention

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) adds threat visibility and security control to application runtimes so you can continuously discover application threats and block attacks—as they are still happening. Enjoy visionary RASP..

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Pulling Back the Curtain On: Zip File Overwrites

Zip file overwrites are a cool but rare vulnerability that can occur on apps that work with user-supplied zip files. The folks at Snyk recently found a slew of libraries that do that, and there is a lot of history in this attack vector. In fact,..

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Pulling Back the Curtain on RASP

If you set out to build a new WAF today (which, believe it or not, people are still doing), everyone would have some idea of how it would work -- you'd setup a reverse proxy, and then use signatures of all kinds on the parameters, headers, body,..

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Contrast Protect + WAF: A Day in the Life of a User

A Web Application Firewall can watch network data, but the architecture does not enable them to see how that data is actually used. As a result, they sound an equal alarm for all attack attempts without raising the importance for attacks that could..

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