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AppSec Observer: Contrast News (5)

Contrast's application security blog provides the latest trends and tips in DevSecOps through instrumentation and security observability.

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    Rollback of FCC privacy requirements could have broad repercussions

    Last week the United States Congress made the rather unsettling decision to roll-back FCC privacy regulations that..

    Today, Apps Are Continuous -- Shouldn't Security Be Too?

    We're beginning to see a growing number of articles appearing in the business press that address the challenges with..


    Cloud Developers Can Now Get Cloud Foundry Certified!

    Cloud developers can now become certified as Cloud Foundry experts, thanks to the folks at Cloud Foundry Foundation,..

    How To Select The Right Products For Your Cybersecurity Portfolio

    So far in his cybersecurity series, Dan Woods' Forbes articles have focused on how to build the right cybersecurity..

    US Needs a Federal CISO — A Response to the Appointment of a US Cybersecurity Coordinator

    In response to the Trump administration announcement of the appointment of a White House cybersecurity coordinator...

    The WikiLeaks CIA Dump Dominates AppSec News Coverage

    WikiLeaks has been dominating recent news when it released "Vault 7", a new series of leaks it claims came from the..

    Crash Testing your Connected Stuff — Before you Get Hacked!

    Crash Testing your Connected Stuff — Before you Get Hacked!

    People have to pay to subscribe to Consumer Reports. But you may benefit from a new wave of security testing — for..


    3/16 WEBINAR: Scaling Rugged DevOps

    Attend a live webinar on Thursday, March 16th and hear how Tim Chase of Nielsen is scaling their DevOps function by: •..

    A Word About Security in Application LifeCycle Management (ALM)

    Agile development and DevOps are fueling the evolution of application lifecycle management (ALM) as delivery cycles..