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20 Startups To Watch In 2015

Contrast Security was founded by the founders of OWASP. They started the company with the hope that they could help organizations improve application security with a faster, more transparent, automated application security platform.

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Resolve the Alarming Application Security Attitudes Exposed in Survey

This week, the fourth annual Open Source Development and Application Security Survey was released. The 3,353 software developers surveyed divulged the eye-opening realities of their open source usage and application security practices. Our partner..

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Java Agents, Memory, and the Importance of Measuring

"How much memory do I need to add to my JVM to account for Contrast?"Man, these questions sound really simple, don't they? I could probably just say "Add 128MB!" and everyone would probably be happy.

But that's not me. We need to science this..

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Application Security: Faster, Cleaner, Smarter.

Our release notes are all always available, but I wanted to highlight the progress we've made since the end of last year on making a faster, cleaner, smarter vulnerability detection agent. Our goal is to be entirely invisible, continuously on,..

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What Healthcare Can Teach Us About Application Security

The Centers for Disease Control protects people from health threats and increases the health security of our nation. It's a mission that's not so different from InfoSec.

**A version of this posting first appeared in Dark Reading

January 15,..

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Secure Code Starts With Measuring What Developers Know

I recently discovered I've been teaching blindly about application security. I assumed that I know what students need to learn. Nothing could be further from the truth.

**A version of this posting first appeared in Dark Reading

December 19, 2013

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Application Security: We Still Have A Long Way To Go

The past decade shows only trivial progress in improving web app security, according to new vulnerability guidelines in the OWASP Top Ten 2013.**A version of this posting first appeared in Dark ReadingNovember 21, 2013 - Application security..

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