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The DevSecOps Journey

The DevSecOps Journey Why It Starts with Agile, DevOps & App Security

Why It Starts with Agile, DevOps, and Application Security

Traditionally, security has been an afterthought, or at the very least introduced late into the release process. Hence, security has been viewed as an impediment to high velocity Agile, DevOps processes and becoming a primary bottleneck in the software delivery pipeline. This can cause major contention and distrust between development and security teams-but that does not need to be the case.

Listen to our free webinar "The DevSecOps Journey" to learn:

  • How modern, automated application security tools can help weave security into the code
  • How integrated application security unites developers and security practitioners with tools they are already using
  • Key best practices that will help you successfully develop, integrate, deploy, and secure software application