Contrast Labs Application Security Intelligence Report




The Contrast Labs "Application Security Intelligence Report" for May-June 2020 leverages data collection from applications in development and production that were collected by the Contrast Security Application Security Platform. The report includes analysis of COVID-19 pandemic trends and how data in the report aligns with those trends. Some of the key trends and insights include:

  • Applications with serious vulnerabilities were 27% higher than the annual average (33% vs. 26%)
  • 81% of applications experienced SQL injection attacks—47% higher than the prior two-month timeframe
  • 5 attack categories saw double-digit growth over the prior two-month timeframe

These are just a few of the vulnerability and attack trends contained in the report. Readers also get details on serious vulnerabilities, Java and .NET vulnerabilities and attacks, top attack trends, and the application security watch list.

Contrast Labs Report