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2018 Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing
Gartner-VisionaryGartner Again Positions Contrast Security as sole “Visionary” in the Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

We believe being named a Visionary validates Contrast's ability to replace legacy application security testing solutions. 

Read the NEW 2018 report to see:

  • A comprehensive view of best practices and trends in application security
  • A complete assessment of vendors in the space

See how Contrast is transforming the market by delivering a solution that is a perfect fit with agile, DevOps-friendly, high-velocity software development.

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How to Construct a Business Case for Interactive Application
Security Testing (IAST)

This new software application security industry report from Forrester that can help security professionals build a business case for additional resources and budget to build security into DevOps processes. See real-world examples of how state-of-the-art IAST tools reduced security testing time and the benefits that customers achieved using these tools.

Key IAST Benefits:
  • Reduces Security Testing Time and Provides more Actionable Data
  • Is Best For Those Who Have Automated SDLC and Functional Application Testing

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Digital Transformation, DevOps and Security

Digital-Transformation.pngOnly a decade ago, IT was a cost center – a necessary evil with no particular strategic value. Today, software – and IT broadly – can play a strategic role, as organizations leverage it for competitive differentiation.

Success with Digital Transformation, however, faces many challenges. Organizations must ensure that every link in their digital chain is strong. The three links discussed in this paper are:

  • Digital Transformation itself, customer-driven, software-empowered.
  • How organizations build and deploy software rapidly to keep up with ever-changing customer demands, ongoing technology innovation, and the relentless pace of competition.
  • The weakest link: Security. Increasingly dynamic, modular, and distributed software expands the enterprise threat surface, increasing the risk profile – a primary concern not just for technology leadership, but for the C-suite as well.

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ASM-Application-Security-Monitoring.pngThe Case for Application Security Monitoring (ASM)
Learn how to Improve Application Performance and Resilience with Security Monitoring

The advent of ASM provides IT Operations and Security teams unprecedented visibility and control over the security of the application layer. Operations teams already use similar tools for monitoring performance of the running application: Application Performance Management (APM) solutions such as AppDynamics, Dynatrace or New Relic.

These telemetry products use an agent-based technology to instrument the running application and measure performance — just like Contrast does for security! 

Continuous Application Security Testing with Contrast

State of Application Security: Libraries & Software Composition Analysis


This report highlights analytics gathered from within 1,857 running applications, which included several thousand different open source libraries, frameworks, and modules.

Software Libraries Represent Just 7 % of Vulnerabilities

Custom Code Accounts for 93% of Overall Vulnerabilities

If these stats look interesting, you need to read the full report. You'll get all analysis results gathered by Contrast Labs from running applications and APIs using Contrast’s security analysis and protection platform. 

Continuous Application Security Testing with Contrast

Continuous-Application-Security-Handbook.pngContinuous Application Security Handbook

Unifying AppSec from Development to Deployment

We reject the old paradigm of periodic and serial scanning, hacking, and patching, which has proven expensive and ineffective. Instead, Continuous Application Security (CAS) relies on security instrumentation in every application. This instrumentation provides security visibility, assessment, and protection in real time and in parallel across the entire application portfolio.

CAS is a unified program covering the entire software lifecycle, including both development and production, designed to create a clear line of sight from the threat to strong defenses, and ultimately to assurance. 

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Indecent-Exposure.pngIndecent Exposure
Why Application Security Leaves Enterprises Wide Open to Attacks

This paper reviews why today's application security does not work and how they failed to deliver on their promises. Worse, the adoption of these tools has caused tensions within businesses and, in some cases, cultivated a false sense of security. After reviewing some of the pitfalls of legacy application security tools and why they have failed, a new approach for securing applications will be introduced. An approach that provides the speed, visibility and accuracy across the entire application portfolio while delivering all layers off defense that organizations need.

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IAST-Whitepaper.pngMarket-defining IAST Testing for DevOps Methodology

Contrast Assess transforms an organization’s ability to secure software by making applications self-protecting.

This whitepaper will cover how Contrast Assess’ unique Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) architecture makes software capable of assessing itself continuously for vulnerabilities, while providing the highest accuracy, efficiency, and coverage.

Continuous Application Security Testing with Contrast



The Unfortunate Reality of Insecure Libraries

The first real study of how developers use insecure libraries.

Did you know that 29.8 million (26%) of library downloads have known vulnerabilities? Learn more about this prelavent issue and how to prevent hacks from software libraries. The study analyzies millions of downloads of libraries from the Central repository and identifies startling patterns of insecure component used by major enterprises. This analysis reveals interesting findings and insights, including:

  • The most downloaded vulnerable libraries were GWT, Xerces, Spring MVC, and Struts 1.x
  • Security libraries are slightly more likely to have a known vulnerability than frameworks
  • Based on typical vulnerability rates, the vast majority of library flaws remain undiscovered
  • Java apps are likely to include at least one vulnerable library

The Unfortunate Reality of Insecure Libraries




Get the Most Out of Your WAF Investment While Stopping the Next Struts 2 Attack

RASP + WAF: Full Protection for Your Running Applications

RASP+WAF Tech Brief

Contrast built Contrast Protect as a “WAF killer;” a better, more accurate and scalable way to protect web applications in production. However, customers told us something completely different. Specifically, they told us that WAF is a worthwhile investment and they do not plan on getting rid of it. However, there are limitations like:

  • Miss "hard to signature attacks"
  • Generate alert fatigue
  • Provide no data beyond the HTTp request
  • Are difficult to scale to cloud deployments

That is why Contrast Application Security Monitoring (ASM) was born – a solution grounded in RASP technology for customers to leverage their WAF investment, but address their pain points, all without adding head count and making their SOC more productive and responsive to application-layer attacks.

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The DevOps Ready Security Program

6 Tips for a CISO to Bring Security into the DevOps Era

Contrast Security has witnessed and assisted in the revolution of information security in an agile & DevOps-first world. Provided in this technical brief are the most important lessons learned through the years and seen consistently across every successful DevOps focused organizations. 

Establishing a DevOps-ready security program is possible. Leveraging the 6 pro tips outlined in this brief will allow you to do that in a way that gives you quick wins, gets key stakeholders on board and improves total cost of ownership. 

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4-Dimensions-Tech-Brief.pngThe Four Critical Dimensions of Application Security "Coverage"

For many vendors, “coverage” is the third rail — but perhaps the most critical part of your application security strategy. It is a deceptively complex concept, but in this Technical Brief, our recommendations can help you build an application security program that allows you to understand and improve coverage, instead of just measuring the size of your pile of vulnerabilities.

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TECHNICAL BRIEFRASPtechBriefCover0217.png
Transform Your Application Security Program with RASP
Learn how RASP can transform your security organization
in both development and operation.

Application security professionals need to investigate what RASP can do for their organizations. From visibility into application security events, to better, broader application protection, to security that fits with modern application approaches, RASP promises to deliver where legacy application security solutions have come up short.

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5 Facts About Protecting Applications with RASP 
Learn how RASP uses instrumentation to automatically weave protection directly into applications.

RASPExecBriefCover0217.pngThis Executive Brief outlines 5 facts that executives must know about RASP. RASP is an emerging technology that lets organizations accurately easily stop hackers from comprising the #1 data breach vector – custom enterprise applications.

RASP products use instrumentation to automatically and accurately weave protection directly into applications, without requiring any application changes. The result: applications can defend themselves against attacks in real-time. Instrumentation technology has already helped transform other markets, such as Application Performance Monitoring. Leading vendors such as Dynatrace, New Relic and AppDynamics have successfully employed this approach. By leveraging instrumentation, RASP delivers a level of accuracy with the potential to dramatically alter the product and labor costs for securing apps against determined attackers.

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A False Sense of Application Security
OWASP-A-False-Sense-of-Security.pngAn Executive Overview of the OWASP Cyber Security Benchmark Study

In 2015, the Cyber Security Division of the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) co-funded an application security benchmark project to measure the speed, coverage, and accuracy of application security products. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Benchmark Project lets organizations freely assess products they have or are planning to use. The results demonstrate conclusively that most organizations are operating with a false sense of security, and need to revisit their application security technology choices.

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OWASP_Teck_Brief.pngOWASP Benchmark Project – Accurately Accessing AppSec
Time to Reevaluate Application Security Products and Programs

With the OWASP Benchmark, organizations now have a way to systematically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their current solutions and alternatives. Contrast Enterprise, which the OWASP Benchmark demonstrated is exceptionally accurate, is a natural choice to augment or replace existing SAST and DAST solutions.
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Easily Spot Vulnerabilities &
Stop Attacks in Real-Time

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