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Application Security Jumps to the Top of the CISO's List of Priorities

Speakers: Sean Walls, Andre Tehrani, Patrick Spencer


Sean Walls, CISO and VP at Visionworks of America
Andre Tehrani, Partner at Recrewmint
Patrick Spencer, Editor-in-Chief of Inside AppSec Podcast

Strategies for implementing effective application security

As the modern-day CISOs role continues to expand, CISOs must mitigate both business risk and execute successful cybersecurity strategies. This is especially true when it comes to the risk of application development vulnerabilities that can result in dire financial consequences—ranging from diminished brand reputation to severe financial loss.

Tune in for a special moderated webinar that will feature insights from a seasoned executive recruiter and CISO practitioner about what it takes to manage an effective application security strategy. You’ll come away understanding:

  • Why application security is a highly sought-after skill for CISOs
  • What types of skills and experience help CISOs mitigate application risks
  • How to prioritize application security resources and budget
  • How CISOs can showcase application security skills and experience throughout the interview process

Join us to discover how to up-level your application security strategy as well as how to translate application security concerns and plans to the rest of the C-suite and your board of directors. 



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