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Contrast Assess:

Revolutionizing Application Security in Modern DevOps

Security Concerns Are Challenging Modern App Development

The rise of modern application development emphasizes agility and continuous delivery. However, legacy Application Security Testing (AST) tools often impede this agile flow, creating bottlenecks in release cycles.

Legacy security testing tools often present challenges, among them long setup times, high false positives and lack of real-time feedback. In this rapidly evolving landscape, developers need security tools built for their modern workflows. That’s where Contrast Assess excels.

Contrast Assess: Tailored for Modern Development

 Contrast Assess integrates seamlessly into your development environment, Quality Assurance (QA) environment or continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflow. It’s crafted to provide timely and accurate feedback wherever and whenever you need it, ensuring that security is woven naturally into every phase of your software development life cycle.
Distinctive Features

Deep Security Instrumentation:
Infuses application code with security capabilities, ensuring continuous monitoring and immediate vulnerability identification without altering the software stack.

Real-time Analysis and Feedback:
Tracks control flow, data flow and library usage as the application runs, pinpointing vulnerabilities without exploitation.

DevOps Integration:
A genuine enabler for DevOps security. Seamless integration with development and QA tools ensures continuous vulnerability assessment throughout the software development life cycle.

Accuracy and Efficiency:
By analyzing applications from within, Contrast Assess provides unparalleled accuracy in vulnerability detection, reducing false positives and ensuring cost-effective security operations.

The Power of Contrast Assess

Runtime Vulnerability Detection
Contrast Assess excels in vulnerability detection by harnessing the power of runtime analysis. Assessing vulnerabilities as the software operates, in its true context, ensures unparalleled precision. This approach helps Contrast Assess outperform traditional static tools, achieving a remarkable 100% Open Worldwide Application Security Project (OWASP) benchmark standard. In real time, it not only detects but also interprets vulnerabilities within the environment they manifest.

Runtime Library Detection
Traditional Software Composition Analysis (SCA) tools often falter, but with Contrast Assess, you’re always a step ahead. By filtering out precompile dependencies and focusing solely on runtime libraries, only the actual, actionable vulnerabilities are spotlighted, drastically reducing false positives.

Runtime Code Context
Contrast Assess offers more than just vulnerability detection: It delves deep, providing contextual information and code-level insights based on the live behavior of the application. This empowers developers with the complete story behind each vulnerability, streamlining remediation efforts.

DevSecOps Integrations
Bridging the gap between development, security, and operations, Contrast Assess seamlessly integrates into the DevSecOps landscape. It easily dovetails with CI/CD pipelines, renowned bug trackers like JIRA and essential developer platforms such as integrated development environments (IDEs). This cohesive integration ensures that security becomes a harmonious part of your DevSecOps narrative, rather than a disjointed chapter.

Runtime Observability
Witness your application’s behavior like never before. With Contrast Assess’s runtime observability, you don’t just identify risks — you understand them in relation to your application’s entire operational blueprint. This holistic view allows for nuanced threat modeling, ensuring a comprehensive security posture.

Contrast Assess: Empowering Modern Development

AST shouldn’t be an uphill battle. It needs to be result-oriented, evolving in tandem with the ever-changing landscape of software development. Modern Application Security (AppSec) should pinpoint and reduce risks where they are most prone to occur.

We believe that complexity demands instrumentation. With this ethos, we crafted Contrast Assess, a tool that doesn’t just detect vulnerabilities, but also provides deep insights into every facet of your application. It isn’t just another AST solution; it’s a revolution in AppSec. By perfectly aligning with developer workflows and delivering precision alerts, Contrast Assess ensures that modern development maintains its pace without compromising on security.

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