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RASP for Attack Visibility, Web Application Observability, and Simple Scaling

Speakers: Derek Rogerson, Erik Costlow



Derek Rogerson, Product Marketing Manager at Contrast Security
Erik Costlow, Director of Developer Relations at Contrast Security

State-of-the-art RASP loads your team up with DevOps-native protection, speed, and scale.

Let’s face it—traditional web application firewalls (WAFs) simply can’t keep pace with the demands of digital transformation in DevOps environments.

In environments where applications are deployed faster and leaner than ever before, AppSec professionals need protection that moves beyond the traditional and simplistic perimeter defenses a WAF can offer.

Join this webinar for a discussion about how runtime application self-protection (RASP) delivers an innovative application security alternative that adapts and reacts in real time. With RASP, teams gain the necessary attack visibility, application observability, and scalability they require. Tune in to discover these five key takeaways:

  • Why WAFs lack the ability to provide accurate, effective application protection
  • How perimeter security cannot observe code-level runtime events
  • Why WAFs lack scalability and create bottlenecks and
  • Why the time is now for AppSec teams to evolve from traditional security
  • How RASP is the next era of application security

Plus, get an in-depth look at how RASP delivers embedded application protection and control, empowers DevOps teams with observability, and can scale alongside business needs—fast.



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