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Security in a DevOps World: Unlocking Velocity Innovation

Spearkers: Sam Guckenheimer, Jeff Williams, Mark-Christian Reid


Sam Guckenheimer - Product Owner - Azure DevOps at Microsoft
Jeff Williams - CTO & Co-Founder at Contrast Security
MC Reid - Senior Solutions Architect, Contrast Security

Cloud technologies, new architecture stacks, DevOps tools, and agile methodologies have all contributed to productivity, software velocity, and business innovation. But what about security? Can security be an accelerator to innovation?

In this talk, we will discuss how to leverage application security instrumentation techniques in DevSec and SecOps (DevSecOps) to increase both developer and security productivity. By changing culture through advanced automation, we will cover the following 6 topics and how to apply them in real workflow environments:

  • Shifting left starts with vulnerability visibility for developers
  • Treating vulnerabilities for what they are, software bugs
  • Enforcing application security policies into your CI/CD pipelines
  • Enhancing threat intelligence with application threat and attack telemetry
  • Aligning Development, Security, and Operations teams with real-time unified insights
  • Deploying DevSecOps at scale

Tune in to understand how the combined benefits of Microsoft and Contrast Security can help you accelerate innovation with Security in a DevOps world.

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