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Security in a DevOps World: Unlocking Velocity & Innovation

Speakers: Sam Guckenheimer, Jeff Williams, Mark-Christian Reid




Sam Guckenheimer - Product Owner - Azure DevOps at Microsoft
Jeff Williams - CTO & Co-Founder at Contrast Security
MC Reid - Senior Solutions Architect, Contrast Security

Cloud technologies, new architecture stacks, DevOps tools, and agile methodologies have all contributed to productivity, software velocity, and business innovation. But what about security? Can security be an accelerator to innovation?

In this talk, we will discuss how to leverage application security instrumentation techniques in DevSec and SecOps (DevSecOps) to increase both developer and security productivity. By changing culture through advanced automation, we will cover the following 6 topics and how to apply them in real workflow environments:

  • Shifting left starts with vulnerability visibility for developers
  • Treating vulnerabilities for what they are, software bugs
  • Enforcing application security policies into your CI/CD pipelines
  • Enhancing threat intelligence with application threat and attack telemetry
  • Aligning Development, Security, and Operations teams with real-time unified insights
  • Deploying DevSecOps at scale

Tune in to understand how the combined benefits of Microsoft and Contrast Security can help you accelerate innovation with Security in a DevOps world.



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Sam Guckenheimer

Product Owner - Azure DevOps,

Sam Guckenheimer is the Product Owner for the Azure DevOps.  In this capacity, he acts as the chief customer advocate, responsible for strategy of the next releases of these products, focusing on DevOps, Agile and CI/CD Pipelines. Sam curates the website, DevOps at Microsoft. He is a regular speaker and has keynoted at many conferences including DevOps Enterprise Summit and Agile. He is the author of four books, most recently Journey to Cloud Cadence, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012: Adopting Agile Software Practices: From Backlog to Continuous Feedback. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2003, Sam was Director of Product Line Strategy at Rational Software Corporation, now the Rational Division of IBM. Sam lives in the Seattle area with his wife and three children in a sustainable house they built that has been featured in Houzz

Jeff Williams Headshot

Jeff Williams

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer,
Contrast Security

Jeff brings more than 20 years of security leadership experience as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Contrast. Previously, Jeff was co-founder and CEO of Aspect Security, a successful and innovative application security consulting company acquired by Ernst & Young. Jeff is also a founder and major contributor to OWASP, where he served as the Chair of the OWASP Board for 8 years.

MC Reid headshot

Mark-Christian Reid

Senior Solutions Architect,
Contrast Security

He is an experienced technology and AppSec professional with 22 years of industry experience, including 15 in sales engineering.  His background spans a number of different technology areas including enterprise application development, static analysis, mobile security, and cloud architecture. M-C is the proud father of two, working on his fluency in Spanish, and is an avid traveler and scuba diver.