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Assessing the Risk from the Confluence of an Expanded Application Attack Surface and Advanced Threat Landscape

Speakers: David Lindner, Greg Sternberg, Patrick Spencer



David Lindner, CISO at Contrast Security
Greg Sternberg, Information Technology Specialist, EVOTEK
Patrick Spencer, Editor-in-Chief of Inside AppSec Podcast

Attack surface and advanced threat landscape morph into a bigger risk

As the application attack surface expands in tandem with the advanced threat landscape, the risks facing organizations has never been higher. Adoption of Agile and DevOps exponentially grows the number of applications in development and production—more to scan, test, and protect.

This has not gone unnoticed: Cyber criminals are increasing the volume and velocity of their attacks as well as using immensely more sophisticated attack strategies and techniques. As a result, it should not be a surprise that the number of data breaches tied to application vulnerabilities more than doubled this past year.

Attend this moderated webinar to gain insights on how the confluence between the rapidly expanding application attack surface and the evolving threat landscape poses serious risk. Understanding some of the tactics bad actors employ that complicate the undertaking for security, development, and operations teams include:

  • How bots are used initiate application attacks
  • How brute-force attacks overwhelm defenses and gain application entry
  • Why and how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are being leveraged to instigate sophisticated attack approaches
  • Why unknown threats or zero-day attacks increasingly difficult to spot and remediate—and how they are becoming a bigger risk
  • How to evaluate your application risk posture

After mapping out the challenges, our expert panel will share insights around strategies and tactics that organizations can tap to bolster their application risk postures and ensure their applications are protected.



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