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Simplify Vulnerability Remediation with Runtime Library Usage


Adam Schaal, Principal Application Security Research
Pauline Logan, Product Manager
Joe Coletta, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

56% of open-source libraries and frameworks aren't actively leveraged

Far too many software composition analysis (SCA) tools serve up a slew of irrelevant vulnerabilities in open-source libraries and frameworks that aren’t actively used, leaving developers frustrated when it comes to securing open-source code.

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover a new way to pinpoint open-source vulnerabilities and uncover these key takeaways:

  • Why open source is critical when it comes to modern applications
  • Why legacy approaches to open-source security can tarnish AppSec and developer relations
  • How the Contrast approach to securing open source simplifies remediation
  • How an AppSec expert prioritizes open-source libraries to ease developer strain


With key insights from our AppSec professionals, you’ll come away with a stronger understanding of how to deliver developers the data they need to fix vulnerabilities, fast.

On-Demand Webinar