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Developers: Own Your Security Destiny

ESG analyst discusses how to ship secure, tested code and rapidly remediate issues without headaches.

Security is built in by design for many world class development organizations. Engineering teams building SaaS products for Fortune 500 enterprises are shipping code on time, with consistent up time, no major outages - and they are doing it all securely. How is that even possible? It's time for developers to own their destiny by securing their development practices with the right security tools built into their workflows, reducing the need to interact with security teams and eliminating long feedback loops.

In this new report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), developers will come away with key insights on how to eliminate friction with their security counterparts including:

  • How to pick the right tools so developers can own security within their native workflow
  • How to eliminate painful re-work and out-of-band security processes by aligning security goals with routine quality fixes.
  • How to push your security team to establish proper guardrails so secure coding can be automated within the development pipeline.
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