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Contrast Secure Code Platform for Federal Government Agencies

Contrast Security is the Leading Secure Code Platform for DevSecOps

President Biden mandates that software security is a national security matter.

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 12.47.37 PMContrast Security is the only continuous secure coding platform that natively integrates into all stages of the software development life cycle, from development to production. Delivering three security solutions via a single platform — runtime code security (IAST), open-source security (SCA), and runtime application self protection (RASP) — Contrast Security solutions map to all of the very latest US Federal Government security directives, including:

CISA Zero Trust Maturity Model

Solutions that map to the directives of the Application Workload pillar (Pillar 4), including:

  • Threat protection
  • Accessibility
  • Application Security
  • Visibility & Analytics Capability
  • Automation & Orchestration Capability

NIST 800-53, Rev. 5

Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) to address SI-17(7):

  • Detects and blocks vulnerabilities
  • Senses “probe” vs. genuine attacks
  • Monitors and blocks inputs
  • Protects runtime environments

Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) to address SA-11(9):

  • Detects vulnerabilities during test runs
  • Identifies a full range of vulnerabilities
  • Monitors all code, libraries, frameworks, and connections
  • Performs continuous, real-time assessments

President Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order

  • Tracks security threat information (EO Sections 2 & 7)
  • Modernizes federal app security (EO Section 3)
  • Enhances supply chain security (EO Section 4)
  • Application incident response playbook (EO Sections 6 & 8)

CISA Binding Operational Directive 22-01

  • Instantaneous CVE alerts
  • Application runtime protection
  • Address many of the over 250 listed vulnerabilities

Secure your apps and APIs from within

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