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A Complete Guide to Contrast Security’s Localized Developer Tools

For many decades, quality software has made life easier, more efficient and faster. To produce high-quality software, you need a top-notch software testing process. Over time, this testing process has greatly evolved. Initially, individual software testers would test the software and give feedback to the development team or project manager. Then, as software suites expanded, testing transformed into an individual department with the sole purpose of testing.

Subsequently, to improve the efficiency of the testing department, developers created tools to enhance the testing department’s efficiency. Today, software testing employs the use of automated suites, cloud testing strategies and multiple stages of testing through Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD).

However, this approach doesn’t necessarily make your release faster. There are some items you can fix immediately, but you need to go through multiple departments. As testing has evolved, it’s become clear that developer involvement speeds up the release cycle. But this begs another question: Does this slow down development, given that you now have to oversee both testing and security?

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • The testing challenges developers face
  • Contrast's free security tool, CodeSec
  • How CodeSec tools can help developers fix code vulnerabilities without having to navigate a whole new system
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