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Assessing the Current and Future Outlook of Serverless Application Security

October 28, 2021 @ 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT

Arshan Dabirsiaghi, Chief Scientist and Co-founder, Contrast Security 
Tal Melamed, Sr. Director, Cloud-Native Security Research, Contrast Security

Surag Patel, Chief Strategy Officer, Contrast Security

Forrester predicts that 25% of developers will regularly use serverless technology within a year.

To realize the full potential of DevOps/Agile development approaches, organizations are turning to serverless environments. Contrast recently conducted an in-depth survey with security and development professionals as well as cloud architects to understand the current and future state of serverless application security.

This moderated webinar panel will feature special guests who are at the forefront of their profession—both in terms of theoretics as well as pragmatic application. Webinar attendees will learn...

  • What current serverless adoption rates look like—and what they will resemble in the next year
  • What serverless roadblocks pose the greatest challenges and risk
  • How early adopters and serverless leaders have configured and are using application security
  • What early adapters are doing now for serverless security and why it isn't sufficient
  • If serverless applications pose the same risk as other applications—and why
  • How teams want to consume serverless application security



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