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Why Agile & DevOps Demand New Approaches to Securing Applications

Speakers: Larry Maccherone, Jeff Williams, Patrick Spencer


Jeff Williams - CTO & Co-founder of Contrast Security
Larry Maccherone - Distinguished Engineer, DevSecOps Transformation at Comcast

Patrick Spencer, Ph.D. - Editor-in-Chief, Inside AppSec Podcast

Listen to this moderated webinar panel to learn why Agile and DevOps requires a new approach to application security. This includes a cultural transformation that touches on everything that is needed for today’s modern software development environment—from strategies for building a strong security posture, to continuous protection through the software development life cycle, to automating workflows. 

Leveraging their first-hand experiences, Jeff and Larry will cover topics such as:
  • How to build a modern AppSec Program that meets Agile and DevOps requirements
  • How to enable developers to remediate vulnerabilities at scale without code halts
  • How to evaluate risks of open source and strategies for mitigating them

Jeff and Larry will also discuss the “big picture” of AppSec to help attendees understand the tailwinds behind Agile and DevOps and why and how AppSec must align with those demands. 

If you watch one webinar this quarter, make sure this is it. This webinar is a jam-packed, one-stop session on the macro and micro trends of Agile, DevOps, and DevSecOps that you simply cannot miss.



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Larry Maccherone

Distinguished Engineer, DevSecOps Transformation at Comcast

Larry Maccherone is an industry-recognized thought leader on DevSecOps, Agile and Analytics. He currently leads the DevSecOps transformation at Comcast. Previously, Maccherone led the insights product line at Rally Software where he published the largest ever study correlating development team practices with performance. Before Rally, Maccherone worked at Carnegie Mellon with the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) and CyLab for seven years conducting research on cybersecurity and software engineering. While there, he co-led the launch of the DHS-funded Build-Security-In initiative. Maccherone has also served as Principal Investigator for the NSA's Code Assessment Methodology Project, sat on the Advisory Board for IARPA's STONESOUP program and as the Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Labs Fellow.

Jeff Williams Headshot

Jeff Williams

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
at Contrast Security

Jeff brings more than 20 years of security leadership experience as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Contrast. Previously, Jeff was co-founder and CEO of Aspect Security, a successful and innovative application security consulting company acquired by Ernst & Young. Jeff is also a founder and major contributor to OWASP, where he served as the Chair of the OWASP Board for 8 years.

Cropped Photo_Patrick(1)

Patrick Spencer

Editor-in-Chief of
Inside AppSec Podcast

Patrick Spencer (Ph.D.) leads the content marketing and PR/Communications team at Contrast. He has nearly a decade and a half of experience in various senior marketing roles within the cybersecurity sector and is the recipient of numerous corporate and industry awards. After leaving the corporate world to start his own agency several years. Patrick’s roots in cybersecurity go back to Symantec, where he served as the editor in chief for CIO Digest, an award-winning digital and print publication containing strategies and insights for the technology executive. In addition to the above roles, Patrick has also served in various senior- and executive-level marketing capacities at several SaaS-based marketing companies.