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Assessing Custom and Open-Source Risk with Vulnerability and Attack Data

Speakers: David Lindner, Brian Glas, Patrick Spencer


Findings and Research from Contrast Labs

David Lindner, Director of Application Security at Contrast Labs'
Brian Glas, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Union University

Patrick Spencer, Editor-in-Chief of the Inside AppSec Podcast

With a sneak peek at our latest Contrast Labs findings, in this webinar you’ll learn what vulnerabilities and attacks in custom and open-source coded applications are the critical causes for concern.

You’ll leave with an understanding of:

  • How and why prioritizing what you are observing will lead to a much lower risk posture
  • What open-source libraries are most used and most vulnerable
  • Industries with the highest frequency of vulnerabilities

Effective web application security isn’t only about identifying vulnerabilities and attacks, as a matter of fact, that leads to alert fatigue. Today it’s about prioritizing and focusing and identifying what matters—sifting out the chaff from the wheat. Attend this webinar to get that leg up in your efforts.

For development teams, using automation and prioritizing identification and remediation means faster release cycles. If you are a development professional, understanding the bigger picture of observability as it extends into security will not only improve your efficiency but simply produce better code—because secure code is good code.

Security and development teams should attend this 30-minute discussion to gain actionable insights they can put into development and production TODAY.



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David Lindner

Director of Application Security,
Contrast Security

David is an experienced Application Security Professional with over 18 years of experience in the computer security industry. During this time, David has worked within multiple disciplines in the security field, from application development, network architecture design and support, IT security and consulting, security training, and application security. Over the past 10 years, David has specialized in all things related to mobile applications and securing them. David has supported many​ different clients including financial, government, automobile, healthcare, and retail. In his spare time, David is seen on the golf course or honing his mobile testing skills by participating in numerous bug bounties.


Brian Glas

Assistance Professor of Computer Science,
Union University

Brian has worked in IT for over 18 years and information/application security for the past decade. He started as an enterprise Java developer, then transitioned to helping build an application security program as both tech lead and manager. He later played the role of enterprise architect and did some incident response and reverse engineering malware for fun. Brian then spent a number of years as a consultant helping clients build AppSec programs, create/update SDLCs, and related initiatives. He has worked on the Trustworthy Computing team at Microsoft and is now a professor of Computer Science at Union University authoring a Cybersecurity program. He also has been a co-lead for SAMM v1.1-2.0 and the OWASP Top 10.

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Patrick Spencer

Inside AppSec Podcast

Patrick Spencer (Ph.D.) leads the content marketing and PR/Communications team at Contrast. He has nearly a decade and a half of experience in various senior marketing roles within the cybersecurity sector and is the recipient of numerous corporate and industry awards. After leaving the corporate world to start his own agency several years. Patrick’s roots in cybersecurity go back to Symantec, where he served as the editor in chief for CIO Digest, an award-winning digital and print publication containing strategies and insights for the technology executive. In addition to the above roles, Patrick has also served in various senior- and executive-level marketing capacities at several SaaS-based marketing companies.