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Digital Transformation Thwarted: When Your AppSec Tools, Scanning, and Resources Become Your Mr. Hyde

Speakers: Arshan Dabirsiaghi, Jimmy Xu, Patrick Spencer



Arshan Dabirsiaghi, Co-founder & Chief Scientist at Contrast Security
Jimmy Xu, Director of DevSecOps & Cloud Security at Trace3
Patrick Spencer, Editor-in-Chief of Inside AppSec Podcast

Don’t let legacy AppSec tools hinder your innovations 

DevOps and Agile have done wonders for speeding digital transformation initiatives. However, their traditional application security (AppSec) counterparts have not kept pace. Security teams must shift through piles of reports by generating multiple manual scanning and penetration testing tools. This often slows productivity, creates development roadblocks, and inadvertently increases risk.

Attend this moderated webinar and learn how legacy AppSec scanning and testing simply cannot meet the speed and agility demands of modern software. Key takeaways include:

  • Why traditional tools drive operational inefficiencies
  • How old security tools generate huge volumes of alerts that are inaccurate and often meaningless
  • Why old scanning and testing tools require AppSec professionals with highly specialized expertise and skills that are in high demand

Join this webinar to understand how Dr. Jekyll AppSec has turned into Mr. Hyde—not only in terms of the productivity of security teams but in the risk applications pose.



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