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Managing Open-Source Security for Modern-Day DevOps

Speakers: Joe Coletta, Pauline Logan


Joe Coletta, Product Marketing Manager at Contrast Security
Pauline Logan, Product Manager of Contrast OSS at Contrast Security

Tackle open-source risks without grinding DevOps to a halt 

Is managing open-source software (OSS) with legacy tools causing more harm than good? This is often the case when it comes to outdated software composition analysis (SCA) tools that bury teams with false positives and require a series of tedious manual processes that waste valuable time.

Tune in for a webinar that will explain how these SCA tools fall short when it comes to managing OSS risk, as well as how to untangle the confusion and find a security strategy that doesn’t stop DevOps in its tracks. You’ll come away understanding:

  • The rising rate of OSS vulnerabilities
  • Different layers of risk that come with OSS
  • Specific steps DevOps can take to managing an OSS security strategy
  • How instrumentation can help streamline OSS security

Join us to discover a new way to protect OSS that doesn’t burden security or DevOps teams, but actually integrates into DevOps workflows for seamless, proactive protection.



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