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Key Insights and Benchmarks from Contrast’s 2021 Application Security Observability Report

Speakers: Jeff Williams, David Lindner, Larry Maccherone

Patrick Spencer, Ph.D., Editor in Chief, Inside AppSec Podcast

Jeff Williams, CTO and Co-founder, Contrast Security
David Lindner, CISO, Contrast Security
Larry Maccherone, DevSecOps Transformation, Contrast Security

The second annual 2021 Application Security Observability Report provides key insights and industry benchmarks on an array of different application security areas.

This moderated webinar features three subject-matter experts from Contrast who will speak to some of the findings in the just-published report, including:

  • Discussion of the newly formulated vulnerability escape rate and how it demonstrates how well—or how poorly—developers are doing when it comes to writing and releasing secure code
  • The percentage of active application code is custom versus open source and what this means when it comes to risk
  • The median time to remediate resolved vulnerabilities—for Contrast versus other application security tools
  • Which vulnerability types are up, the ones that are down, and the ones that pose the highest risk in terms of likelihood and impact
  • And much more …

This is truly a “can’t miss” webinar for the year.



On-Demand Webinar