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Best Practices for Securing the Proliferation of APIs

Speakers: Temil Sanchez, Adam Schaal, Erik Costlow

July 15, 2021 @ 10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT



Erik Costlow, Developer Relations, Contrast Security

Temil Sanchez, Product Owner, SmartBear
Adam Schaal, Principal Application Security Researcher, Contrast Security

Many enterprises have thousands of APIs—and they continue to proliferate as organizations embrace serverless and other capabilities.

At the same time, traditional approaches to application security were not designed to protect APIs: Over 70% of organizations in a recent survey indicate that over half of their APIs have serious vulnerabilities.  

Attend this webinar to learn: 

  • Why organizations need to be concerned about API security
  • Why traditional approaches struggle to test and protect APIs
  • How APIs are designed and how design decisions impact security
  • Best practices when securing APIs




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